Hanuman’s Mythology Teach Us Important Life Lessons

Hanuman is among the most popular gods in Hindu mythology. His resemblance may be seen all around the east, notably in India. What is the reason behind this? Perhaps his tales have captured the hearts of trillions of people throughout the world. For countless generations, people have been inspired by Hanuman’s legend, which is both profound and simple. This formidable spiritual warrior has a lot to teach you!

1. Attempt to reach the Sun

Hanuman jumps into the sky as a young lad, mistaking the Sun for a huge mango. He grows in size as he moves nearer and nearer to the Sun. Hanuman’s foolish quest, however, offends Indra, who shoots him down. Vayu, who is Hanuman’s spiritual father, is enraged at his son’s fall and purges the cosmos of wind, which is an important element of nature. Indra recognises his error as all creatures near death, and Hanuman is resurrected and granted perpetual life. A fantastic lesson here is that if we strive for the sun, we might not reach it, but we will not produce anything tiny. We may be shot down in our endeavour to achieve the unattainable, but the benefits much exceed the risks.

2. Unleash Your Full Potential

Hanuman was a mischievous youngster when he was younger. His antics would cause a lot of difficulty for everybody. Even the most revered sages and saints were not exempt! They first forgave him because he was only a youngster. The sages were enraged and condemned him as his antics went unabated. He will forget regarding his strength as a result of the curse, and until somebody else reminded him of it, he will never fulfil his entire potential. Most of us, it will not be inaccurate to add, are also sufferers of such forgetting. We question our talents, we mistrust our ability, and we finish up performing things that are well below our true capabilities. We have to be recalled, whether it’s through a good friend, a book, or seeing somebody make an amazing performance. And whenever we finally grasp how much more we are worthy of, we go on and achieve something we previously believed was impossible.

3. Blessings could be received from anybody.

Hanuman determines that he has to learn from somebody, and who better to acquire from than the sun, who perceives everything and understands everything? The Sun first disagrees with you. He claims that he is quite busy running across the world bringing warmth and light. Hanuman, on the other hand, refuses to budge. The Sun rewards his perseverance by teaching him all he knows. Brahma provides him with a blessing that no weapon or person may attack him in battle upon reviving him after Indra’s onslaught. Shiva bestows mental and physical power to him. Indra offers him immunity to his weapon’s assaults in the future. He can travel quicker than the wind thanks to Vayu.

Agni bestows to him the ability to be impervious to fire at all times. Varuna declares that he is impervious to the effects of water. Yama bestows to him the gift of an endless life. The Kama promises him that no woman will ever be able to seduce him. Kubera bestows on him an inexhaustible supply of happiness.

Hanuman is favoured by various gods in this way. The renowned ones around us would wish us well if our acts are noble and our transactions are honest. Help comes from unexpected places for those who are helpful and modest. Perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge always pays off. Hanuman is an excellent role model in this regard.

4. Selfless Service to a Greater Good

Hanuman discovers a higher purpose for his life when he meets Rama. It becomes a goal to assist Rama in his trip. We commemorate Hanuman not since he accomplished something amazing in his life (though he undoubtedly did), but because he toiled hard for a cause greater than himself. Hanuman could have been forgotten if he hadn’t been involved with Rama and his quest. His significance in the grand scheme of things ensures that he will always have a place in our hearts. Isn’t this something that all superheroes have in common? They’re no different than your typical WWE fighter if they don’t have altruism. Their greatness stems from what they have accomplished for the benefit of others, not from what they have accomplished for their benefit. Personal successes may provide us delight in our own lives, but assisting the world brings notoriety.

5. The Ability to Change

Hanuman can reduce the size of insects or expand to the size of a mountaintop in the flash. He can become enormously light or immeasurably heavy. He has the option of travelling by sea, land, or air. He outruns the wind and soars with the dexterity of a bird. His determination is inexhaustible. This incredible adaptability provides him with the ability to conquer any obstacle.

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