The Dos and Don’ts of Putting Ganesh Idols in Home Decoration

God statues will be installed inside households across the Indian subcontinent, whether as decoration or in the expectation that the statues will bring people great luck. One of these deity statues is bound to be found in practically every home. That is to say, Lord Ganesh’s idol.

Lord Ganesha sculptures for home decoration have long been among the greatest sellers in the typical Indian market arena, as they are said to provide popularity, happiness, and overall wealth. What most people are unaware of is the importance of taking necessary precautions when bringing religious idols into their homes. Lord Ganesha is included in this. So, let’s go over some of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to Lord Ganesh idols and their location in one’s household.


Yes, the substance used to manufacture Ganesh idols for houses is an important factor in deciding where the idol may or may not be placed. Distinct Ganesh sculpture substances attract diverse forces, which have various overall results. So, to simplify the task, I’ve compiled a list of the most popular components and the regulations that apply to them.

  • Brass – This particular component is considered to provide happiness and wealth to those who keep Ganesh statues in the household. Nevertheless, that’s only true if the Gods and goddesses are positioned to face the south, west, or east. The effects of this idol are thought to be harmful to the Northwest and Northeast.
  • Silver Ganesh Idols, which may be purchased online or in local shops, are thought to bring popularity. These silver Ganesh statues, like any other specific material, should be positioned towards northwest, west, or southeast. The potency of silver Ganesh statues is thought to be increased by placing them in these positions.
  • Copper – Copper Ganesh sculptures are thought to be ideal complements to a household if you’re planning on starting a family. Copper statues have the potential to facilitate the safe and timely introduction of a kid into a household that has before suffered from the same. It’s worth noting that these statues could only be put in one of two directions: east or south. Positions towards the southwest and northwest must be resisted at all costs.
  • Wood – Wooden Ganesh statues are ideally placed towards north, northeast, or east, as they are linked with development and happiness. These wooden statues are claimed to increase Ganesh’s abilities, which will benefit your general health and prosperity. If these statues are set facing southeast, nevertheless, this would not be the situation.
  • Clay – Ganesh idols made from clay have been shown to help people overcome challenges in life or give people the strength to do so on their own. They are ideally placed facing southwest. North and west directions should be avoided at all costs.

Trunk Direction

Even the elder generation appears to overlook this. If you glance at any Ganesh idol, whether it’s online or at household, you’ll notice that at minimum 95% of them have Lord Ganesha’s trunk pointing left rather than right. Nevertheless, if you glance at Ganesh’s sculptures in temples, you’ll notice that his trunk is pointing right. Since statues with trunks pointing right demand strong prayers, which are supposed to draw in forces that are too powerful for one’s household, this is the reality. As a result, ensure your Ganesh statues have their trunks pointing left rather than right.

The Importance of Ganesha’s Idol Pose

Seated Ganesha, as per Vastu gurus, is the ideal Ganesha for a household since it promotes positive vibes and a tranquil atmosphere. This posture promotes peace and gentleness in one’s life. Ganesha Idol’s sleeping posture represents luxury, pleasure, and wealth.

Welcome your visitors

Huge Ganesh idols are commonly found at the entrances of homes and even hotels and villas. This is, of course, a consequence of Ganesh’s abilities to deliver fortune to his worshippers. When installing Ganesh statues at the entryway, keep in mind that the idol’s backside should not face any room. The idol’s abilities are supposed to be reduced or eliminated as a result of this. Put 2 idols back to back instead of just one if you have space. You’ve most likely seen this type of Lord Ganesh sculpture placement before, and now you understand why!

Everyone enjoys their personal space 

Nobody enjoys touching elbows with strangers, whether on the street or public transportation. The Lord himself is included in this. So, if you have a closet or a group of idols that are put near each other. It’s better if all gods are separated by at minimum an inch. The idols’ abilities are supposed to be diminished by crowded locations.

Ideally, the next time you purchase a Ganesh idol, whether available on the internet or at a store, you’ll be aware of the dos and don’ts. Remember that most Ganesh statues for sale in India don’t arrive with a list of dos and don’ts, so you must know what to do!

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