Spirituality - A greater horizon than Religion

People have been lost in translation for years now when it comes to distinguishing between Spirituality and Religion. Being spiritual and being religious are two separate things. Many speeches delivered by spiritual leaders, like Sadhguru, talk about spirituality as a concept which cannot be explained or understood but can only be felt.

You have to learn how to transcend your physical nature if you seek spirituality. You never try to transcend time. Doing so won’t help you as people keep the track of time through their body. How?- It is afternoon, you ate your breakfast before and now it’s time for your lunch. Your body understands the concept of time better than your brain as your body has developed a definite working cycle. So once you transcend your physical self, you naturally transcend time.

Understanding Spirituality

Sitting in one position for hours will give you cramps. But what if you, and not your body, are asked to sit in the same position for years? This won’t give you cramps as it is your body that’ll give you the ‘sense of time’ and not you. We must simply understand it this way that being spiritual requires you to align ‘your system’ with the ‘cosmic system’. This is because your physical cycle needs to be in sync with bigger cycles of existence. And when this happens, you make the minimal use of your body in attaining maximum knowledge. People who are deeply involved in the physical self are more available for the time. And here time has an impact on them and they are unable to make any impact on time.

People, busy with their daily jobs, tend to look at their watch frequently. They are just not able to pass their time. But when people become a little intellectual and read a book, listen to music and do all the things they love to do, they won’t be able to keep a track on time. If you become meditative and know your higher self, time simply slips away.

Present Scenario

Dynamics of today’s world is not as same as the time when religion was speculated upon people’s heart and not mind. Humans are more comprehensive now and this might lead to logical statements sound more illogical a few decades down the road. Sadhguru once said “Today, even if God spoke to you, and if he did not make logical sense, you wouldn’t buy it. There was a time when people would”. This is leading to more and more people thinking for themselves instead of thinking for their entire race. Children are taught to work hard from the very beginning. We can clearly see how stressful a situation is for a child while going to school and returning back, carrying around a school bag which weighs heavy enough for the child. They are rarely taught to work smart. When we work smart, we use the energy that is ignited from our chakras. This is nothing but the first step towards syncing our physical cycles with the greater cycles of cosmic. The changes brought down in past civilization are seen today, so to see a better tomorrow, a stress-free world, a world with fewer diseases and more life expectancy, we ought to work now.

Future Abode

Mother earth is home for many species and we, the humans, being the smartest one need to identify today that how do we see our beautiful planet, our home, in future. Whether we need to create a stressful environment, indulge more and more youth in some kind of intoxication, increase diseases and destroy the eco-system. Or preach the world a true meaning that lies behind our life.

We must understand that all the man-made things are made just to add some value in our life because we are not able to identify the value of life itself. Appreciating life around us, adding joy to our lives and enjoying tomorrow more than today is the true purpose of life because life is the largest phenomenon that is happening around us and everything else is incidental. Stress is not natural, it always has some reason behind it but joy is natural as it arises from life within. Connecting to our spiritual self within our physical self will help us in achieving a stress-free tomorrow. So don’t hold onto time and transcend your physical self and live a stress-free life.

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