You and Your Aura

Understanding The Karmic Connection
We all have felt a deep connection with someone, whether through friendship or love relationships. There are very few people with whom we can connect deeply. And in many cases there might be only one person with whom we can connect this deeply. This connection makes us feel that we can talk and share our thoughts, no matter how weird they might be, with them. This sort of connection is the Karmic connection. You might know a person for many years and then get used to that person’s behavior. You can say that you know the person very well but this is due to knowing the person for over years. What about the connection you feel with a person whom you know for only few days?

This connection is due to vibrational energy that the person is transmitting towards you. The higher the positive energy the person transmits, the stronger the connection you feel.

A conversation with such a person will automatically flow and the sense of being precautionary about what to speak and what not to speak will not burden you at all. You would feel amazing to notice how similar your thoughts and views are on a particular topic. And your differences might complete the gap of one another. This is all due to your Karmic connection and to understand this connection let us first know about the Human Aura.

Understanding The Human Aura
It is scientifically proven that our body consists of the energy that vibrates at specific rates. Due to this energy, a magnetic field is developed around our body. This magnetic energy interacts with the environmental energy and help the functioning of our body’s different system. Various processes of our body like respiration, digestion etc comprises of electrochemical reactions. The interaction between the electrochemical reactions and magnetic energy forms a “Bio-Energetic Field” outside our body, that surrounds us up to 4-5 feet. This Bio-Energetic field is our “Aura”. Further, the interaction between our aura and environmental forces creates an energy balance in our body for its normal functioning. Moreover, every living being on earth possess aura and the primary colors of the aura are that of a rainbow and the aura is brighter and wider depending upon the mood, feelings, behavior and life events of the individual. The more happy and enthusiast you be, your aura will be equally brighter & wider and positive. The aura of a sad and depressed person is faded & small and negative. The Aura of a person who seeks spirituality and follows spiritual path of life has the brightest aura amongst all. The positivity in aura is also added the most when someone seeks spirituality and choose to follow the spiritual path. So, Aura is the natural clothing for our body.

The Aura and The Karmic Connection
Your aura can be felt by other people. The energies your aura transmits are absorbed by other people and if they feel connected and comfortable, they’ll be diverted towards you. They’ll feel safe and secure around you. And if your aura is not capable enough to transmit positive energy, you’ll be attracted towards negative energies because that’s what your aura is transmitting.

What does the color of the aura depicts :
Blue/Indigo – Increased Calmness, Peace, Love, Honesty, Kindness, Truth, Inner Peace, Emotional Depth, Devotion.

Violet – Stimulus, Intuition, Imagination, Universal flow, Meditation, Artistic Qualities.

Red – Increased Physical Energy, Vitality, Stamina, Grounding, Spontaneity.

Orange – Stimulates Creativity, Productivity, Pleasure, Optimism, Enthusiasm, Emotional Expression.

Yellow – Increased joy, Humorous, Light Head, Self-Motivated, Intellect, Logically Sound.

Green – Harmony, Peace, Increased Communication, Social, Nature oriented, Acceptance.

What you seek is seeking you”,
Rumi’s famous quote, critically explains the functioning for aura. Your aura seeks those energies which are actually seeking your aura. Here, the law of opposite attracts fail and opposite repels begin.

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